Inventions & Inventors

In this activity you will search the internet to find out who the following inventors are and what they invented. 

You can use,,,, etc. to search for the following names to determine who they were and what they did:


Born : Died

Nationality/Race/Gender Invention Description Patent # (if any)
  1. George Washington Murray

  2. Thomas L. Jennings

  3. Norbert Rillieux

  4. Elijah McCoy

  5. Jan E. Matzeliger

  6. Thomas Edison

  7. Lewis H. Latimer

  8. Madame C.J. Walker

  9. Dr. George Washington Carver

  10. Garret A. Morgan

  11. Dr. Meredith Gourdine

  12. Emanuel L. Logan, Jr.

  13. Dr. Robert E. Shurney

  14. Dr. George Carruthers

  15. Mary Kies

  16. Bette Graham

  17. Gertrude Elion

  18. George H. Hitchings

  19. Elizabeth Hazen

  20. Rachel Brown

  21. Ann Moore

  22. Dr. Eloy Rodriguez

  23. Dr. Lydia Villa Komaroff




Part I

  1. Use the above table as a guideline for your answers.

  2. You may use Microsoft Word or Excel to provide the information.

  3. The information to be searched for is the inventor's

    1. birth date and death date (if any)

    2. Nationality or Race, and Gender

    3. Description of their invention or inventions

    4. Patent Number of their invention, if one exists (this will be used at a later date)

  4. Save this information to your student folders on the network.

  5. Print the Final Results and hand in to your instructor.

Part II

  1. Using the results you completed in Part I, select 1 of the inventors and write a 2 page research report.  The report should be formatted using the MLA Document Style (click on this link to see the format details).

  2. Refer to the teacher handout for and example of the printed results.

  3. Save the report to your student folders on the network.

  4. Print the Final Results and hand in to your instructor.


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